The future smart grid and interconnected power system based on renewable and distributed energy resources, should be based on international standards to enable a high degree of interoperability.

This has been the main design criteria for the Certified Data Gateway (CDG)

Certified Data Gateway (CDG) has been designed using international standards like IEC 61850 series for the basic data model and data protocols, and IEC 62351 for cyber security like Role Based Access Control and key management – to support the future european grid codes.

Naming conventions follow the IEC 81346 standards and cyber security capability follow the IEEE 1686 and IEEE C37.231 standards.

The hardware platform is a high performance quad-core Linux based server, with RAID disc and TPM for secure key storage.

Compared to a typical Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) this system has very high computational capacity, high security and 1.000 Gbyte local data storage.