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EURISCO has been contributing to the development of international E-mobility standardisation since 2003 and will contiune to do this also with the new standard for charging equipment called IEC 63110. This new standard will be the data communication 'bridge' between the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (Charging Stations) and the Operators managing all the charging stations in cities, highways and other public and non-public parking areas.

EURISCO is partner in the international H2020 project called SmartNet.


The project scope is to development methods for integration of renewable energy in a future transmission and distribution system.


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One of the methods (Pilot B) is based on a concept of using summerhouses with swimming pools and spa as a ressource for regulation.


After 20 good years in Science Park Odense EURISCO has now moved to new and larger building facilities.

Our new adress is:

Munkehatten 1C

5220 Odense SØ

Tel: 2288 6688


Come and visit us at our new location.

EURISCO has updated the OCPP Testbench. Now all commands in OCPP 1.2 are supported for CentralSystemService and as something completely new ChargePointService is fully supported.

An exciting new feature is scripting. This feature is found in both the OCPP Central System (formerly known as CPMS Testbench) and the OCPP ChargeBox and makes it possible to implement automatic tests and it is possible to integrate the applications with other systems as the scripting language is Lua.

Read more about the applications here and get them from EURISCOs issue tracker:

One of the newest activities for E-mobility data communication between supply equipment and operators – is the open specification: Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

To support the evolution, EURISCO has developed a free test bench software for both client (charge point) and server (operator), called "OCPP ChargeBox" and "CPMS Testbench". Download here

"" is Denmark's and Europe's largest research project of EV's.

The project objectives:

  • dispatch 300 EV's to 30 municipality across the country and gain insight into approx. 6 mio. km EV driving and approx. 300.000 charges
  • 2.400 Danish families will test an electric car in 3 months and through "real life" experience learning to understand the EVs pros and cons
  • gather knowledge and experience related to driving, usage patterns and environmental benefits
  • gather knowledge and experience in relation to the EV impact on the energy grid
  • create a picture of what the EV can practice with Danish families
  • get political and societal consensus
  • maintain Denmark's position as a leader in the deployment of EVs

Behind the project "" is the EV operator Clever, whose goal is to make it easy and practical to use EVs both commercially and as every-day-car in private households.

New energy concepts and decentral CHP's role in future power system.

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EURISCO has developed a hardware test platform in accordance with emerging communications standards for electric vehicle charging systems: IEC61851 and ISO / IEC 15118.

EDISON IO board can be used as a reference platform for interoperability testing between different loading systems and electric vehicles.


TC57 WG17 for Distributed Energy and Ressourser USE61400-25 for wind energy held their most recent standardization meetings in Denmark.

A new technical report (TR 61850-90-8) is being developed for the link between electric vehicles and grid. EURISCO is coauthor of the report to the IEC, which should be included in next version of the standard IEC 61850-7-420.